Project Name: Bank Security Monitoring 8-Port Switch Case

Project Necessity

1. Banks are occasions where security is important, and there are many key locations that need to be monitored. Surveillance cameras are necessary monitoring equipment, which cannot be met by 5-port switches.
2. Bank monitoring needs to run in real time 24 hours a day, which requires high quality of network switches.
3. Common switches have built-in cooling fans, which are noisy and have fire hazards.
4. The transmission rate of ordinary switches cannot be intelligently converted, and 10M and 100M cannot be adjusted automatically.

Our Advantage

1. JWM 8-port 100M switch has great advantages for small-scale closed-circuit monitoring systems. It connects 7 cameras and 1 NVR to save costs.
2. JWM network switches are all dedicated for security, which can adapt to high temperature and humidity environment, long-term operation and transmission without jams.
3. The JWM switch adopts a corrugated case, the body heat dissipation, no fan design, quiet and safe.
4. JWM switch supports 10/100M adaptive.

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