Outlets Shopping Village, Dubai


Dubai outlets shopping village is located in Jebel Ali, Near Dubai Parks and Resorts — Dubai. It is a large shopping mall integrating shopping, leisure, and entertainment with large customer flow and first-class service.

Dubai outlets shopping village

Project Necessity:

Safety problem has always been a problem, pay special attention to the large-scale mall stores at the same time to provide quality services to ensure that customers’ personal and property safety, in the large environment, monitoring becomes the indispensable link, shopping malls have high demands on data transmission, JWM series of network switch can improve the rate of camera data transmission at the same time ensure the quality of data, for the safety of the customers has played a tremendous role.

Dubai Outlets Village

Solve Problem:

  1. Provide high-quality solutions, solve the use of mechanical, cumbersome solutions, and develop the most suitable solutions for various factors such as distance.
  2. The new optical uplink POE network switch is adopted to solve the problem of monitoring interruption caused by the lack of power of the camera during the working process and ensure the sufficient power of the camera while transmitting data.
  3. The core computer room adopts a high-end core switch to receive the data transmitted by all CCTV cameras in the mall, which solves the problem that security personnel cannot find the danger in time.



The whole solution adopts a tree network, no blind spot, no dead corner, making the network transmission smooth.