A sudden outbreak of the disease, disrupted the pace of life across the country.

In this epidemic situation, not only the medical staff went to the front to fight against the epidemic, all walks of life are also full of support, science and technology enterprises are also engaged in the war of resistance through their own technology. As a member of the technology industry, xiaobian is convinced that new technologies will provide a richer way for people to fight the disease, enabling them to fight the disease and win the battle.

Project Necessity:

With the development of intelligent network and the implementation of big data, security industry has become the security industry of modern social security needs, and security operation and maintenance is an indispensable and important part of the normal operation of security system. In the face of unexpected outbreaks in 2020, the work of security operations and maintenance will be more arduous. In this special period, it is in urgent need of a safe and reliable visual remote operation and maintenance platform to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency.

Intelligent Internet of things system

Solve Problem:

Internet of things “JWM intelligence platform based on real network, global precision positioning, and intelligent management, realize the cloud visualization real-time management, monitoring, ops, automatic generation of real network topology, 24 h monitoring faults and small program automatic alarm push, immediately inform operations staff fault, fault location, the cause of liberating managers from net machine, really realize the unattended network operations management.


  1. PC client visual management
  2. The work order system
  3. The alarm information
  4. Statistics
  5. System management