Project Name: Home Security Monitoring 5-Port Switch Application Case

Project Necessity

1. The number of home surveillance cameras is small, and it is expensive to use a large multi-port switch.
2. Multiple cameras cannot be managed in a unified manner, and the camera wiring is redundant.
3. With a common 5-port switch, data transmission is likely to cause jams and unclear picture quality.
4. The backplane bandwidth of the ordinary 5-port switch is not enough to store more data and needs to be cleaned frequently.

Our Advantage

1. JWM 5-port 100M switch input power DC5V, power consumption is less than 5W, green and energy-saving, and suitable for small-scale household monitoring.
2. A five-port switch can connect 4 surveillance cameras at the same time, connect to an NVR device, manage the line uniformly, and save costs.
3. All ports of our 5-port switch have full wire-speed forwarding capability to ensure non-blocking forwarding.
4. JWM5 port switch has the largest bandwidth of similar products-2G, 2K MAC address table, storage and forwarding is smoother.

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