Yangtaishan, Shenzhen, China

Project Necessary:

With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people’s material living standard, traveling has become people’s first choice for recreation. However, the rapid development of tourism has also brought about problems such as crowded scenic spots, large number of vehicles, and difficult safety management. The use of the scenic spot comprehensive security management system helps the scenic spot managers to grasp the situation of the tourist flow, prevent emergencies, reduce security risks, standardize the order of the scenic spot, and ensure the safety of tourists.


Yangtaishan forest park is 588 meters above sea level, known as “the first peak in the west of shenzhen” and rated as one of the eight sights of shenzhen. Yangtaishan greenway is an important link of the greenway around the city in longhua district, with a total length of 27.9 kilometers. It fully shows the beautiful natural scenery of yangtaishan and the beautiful scenery of the mountains, water, city and high-speed railway along the road, providing a good place for the public to relax, exercise and play.

network ring

Solve Problem:

  1. System networking: ring networking + multi-level cascade
    The key requirement of this project, mainly is the realization of network video monitoring and audio broadcast network, video surveillance network video monitoring choice, also choose IP audio broadcast radio system, and radio and video point point distribution basic on the same upright, so on the network can choose in the same local area network (LAN), the front-end equipment can also be on the same switch.
  2. Lightning protection
    Most of the tourist attractions are located in open areas in the suburbs, which are different from the urban environment and are prone to lightning strikes. Especially, shenzhen is located in the subtropical region, where the lightning occurrence probability is high and the duration of the whole year is long.
    1) tall buildings in the scenic area, including tall trees, precious ancient trees and large landscape structures;
    2) construction facilities in exposed open areas, including pavilions, cableways, cable cars and amusement facilities with metal structure;
    3) weak current system, including monitoring equipment, machine room, network equipment, fire fighting system and control system, etc.
    Considering that the cameras are mostly installed outdoors and exposed, they are vulnerable to direct lightning strikes. This system USES c-class power surge protector, which can prevent indirect lightning 8/20 of the capacity, also has the ability to prevent direct lightning 10/350 of the capacity.

Why choose JWM:

1. Easy networking
Combined with the characteristics of the greenway on site, the ring network networking scheme is selected to be stable and reliable, simple in layout, convenient in construction, and save construction period and construction cost.

2. PoE power supply
The equipment provides 802.3af PoE power supply, which not only meets the demand of network networking, but also provides power supply for front-end equipment.

3. Stable and reliable
The product can be used in the industrial wide temperature of -40℃~+75℃ environment, with 6KV lightning protection, 8KV electrostatic protection characteristics.

4. Easy installation and debugging
The equipment supports rail installation and wide voltage input to meet the needs of transmission lines and different pressure differences in the field power supply system. At the same time the device plug and play without debugging, or through the WEB key debugging; At the same time, support a key ring network dialing code application, greatly save debugging costs.

5. Fine service
In the early plan design and network planning, the technical staff of utep company and the customer together to carry out a thorough site survey, the final choice of stable and reliable, low-cost ring and cascade network, helping users to save wire and labor costs.
In the process of installation and debugging, on-site support, easy debugging. At the same time, organize the expert group to investigate the lightning protection grounding problem and provide the solution in time.
Make an irregular return visit in the later period of the project to ensure the stability of the system.