Smart Building Solution


For mid- and high-end hotels JWM provides scene customization improvement, combined with other wired, wireless communication technology, JWM has a long-term relationship with the cooperating partners in the industry, to provide more close to the user experience of the integrated solution.

The entire hotel’s network, including the guest room and office, as well as the indoor and outdoor sections, is based on the PON network as a whole for access hosting. Place OLT in the hotel’s central engine room, with fiber optics from the central engine room to the various guest rooms and office spaces.

For centrally-built buildings, fiber from the shaft is divided by a divider on each floor by a divider, which is divided into each room.

Scenario topology


● Network simplicity: only one full fiber optic network, the traditional data, voice, wireless, monitoring and other services for integrated access to carry. The network plane has been simplified, the construction is faster and the maintenance is more convenient.

● Operation: The fiber optic mode is more resistant to interference, will not introduce lightning, and is more reliable in the outdoor network section. Optical fiber does not exist in the case of media corrosion oxidation, the use of long-term line has been able to maintain stable operation;

● Easy to maintain: Can provide network management software management of network equipment, and in addition to Web management, but also support SNMP, RMON management, easy to be integrated into BIM and other asset management systems for unified control.

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