Project Name: Power Industry Monitoring Solution

Power plant monitoring

Project Necessity

Industrial switches are widely used due to their various characteristics, especially in harsh industrial environments, industrial switches with excellent performance are favored.So there are more requirements for the switch.

1. The outdoor temperature difference is large, and the humidity is also large.
2. The outdoor switch fails and the maintenance is complicated.
3. The switch is subject to strong electromagnetic interference outdoors.

Our Advantage

1. Our switches have the following features: Operating Temperature/Humidity, -20~+55°C; 5%~90% RH Non coagulation. Storage Temperature/Humidity, -40~+75°C; 5%~95% RH Non coagulation.
2. JWM Ethernet POE manageable switch has IP30 protection level, 3KV 8/20u lightning protection capability.
3. Dynamic LED indicator provides easy operating status indication and debugging.

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