Power Integrated Energy Solutions


With the deep integration of information technology and industrialization, the core of which is based on the comprehensive perception of massive industrial data. The big trend of industrial Internet is to promote IT centralization, data centralization and analytics insight, support business and innovation, industrial Internet of Things and cloud computing are the key technologies to achieve the convergence of the two.

JWM refers to the business characteristics of power edge computing based on the architecture of the Power Internet of Things. Launch edge computing solutions for the power industry. For the massive number of different types of terminal equipment on the grid, for complex interfaces and protocols, they can be implemented by means of hardware interface and protocol-driven.

Scenario topology


● End-of-the-end acquisition/sensing, communication networks, cloud-based platform integrated solutions;

● The power customization of the cloud platform (to meet the energy consumption management, terminal equipment management, line operation and maintenance, electricity information collection, etc.);

● Edge computing products using ARM, X86 dual architecture optional;

● Some products support TF expansion;

● Support for container functions;

● 4G modules, support for fallback;

● Data acquisition and edge calculation functions.


8GE+4Combo Managed POE Switch

24GE+2SFP POE Unmanaged Switches