Project Name:Road access control video surveillance solution

8GE POE Switch

Project Necessity

1. Road monitoring or gate access monitoring requires 24 hours of non-intermittent operation, which requires a lot of switch quality.
2. Ordinary switches only support half-duplex or full-duplex flow control, and cannot be adjusted in time.
3. Ordinary switches do not support port enabling or disabling, and cannot control the switch of the camera.

Our Advantage

Aiming at the characteristics of road and gate access control video surveillance, our POE switch has the function that meets this feature and is a powerful tool for surveillance applications.

1. Our switch supports command configuration and can manage each port. Support port enable or disable, support 10/100/1000M transmission rate adaptive adjustment.
2. Our switch supports full-duplex IEEE802.3X flow control; supports half-duplex Backpressure (back pressure) flow control.
3. Our Gigabit SFPPOE switch adopts Gigabit uplink and is fully loaded with access equipment, which can ensure the video transmission without distortion and jam.

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