Safe City


With the increasing tension in the international security situation and the increasing number of industrial accidents, human survival and security are facing a huge test.

The construction of the urban networking system must also be completed synchronously, otherwise it is difficult to achieve real-time monitoring and rapid response in a true sense.

If you want to change the focus on civil air defense, you must launch a series of projects such as “Safe City” on a large scale to make the city a safe area.

Network Topology


1. High security

Provide a complete security architecture, covering all levels of the system, using a series of security measures including authentication, authorization, port binding, etc. to ensure the security of the network;

2. High efficiency

Provide high-quality QoS guarantee, provide different priority services for different services, determine the bandwidth according to the priority, ensure the high efficiency of data transmission in the entire network, and set bandwidth restrictions on the corresponding service ports;

3. High reliability

Support industry-leading network protection technology and end-to-end manageable technology to meet the reliability requirements of the system;

4. Easy to maintain network

In addition to providing convenient Web access, it also supports SNMP and RMON management to facilitate unified management of the entire network with third-party devices.

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