Project Name: Smart Community Video Intercom System PoE Solution

Project Necessity

With the improvement of material living standards, high-end communities are spread all over the country. Resident owners not only pursue high-quality quality of life, but also pay special attention to property safety. Video surveillance is the basic configuration of security precautions within the community. At the same time, in order to prevent the idlers in the society from entering the community or even entering the floor, carrying out illegal activities. The community access security system is also particularly important.

high performance

Our Advantage

1. The monitoring equipment is powered by standard PoE, which saves wiring costs and is beautiful and generous.
2. Optical fiber to the core computer room to meet fast and long-distance transmission.
3. Simple network structure, strong stability and strong scalability.
4. PoE power supply, simple construction and strong safety.
5. The video intercom system has strong flexibility and flexible networking. Reduce installation costs and facilitate construction.
6. All digital signals realize powerful network communication function.
7. Good compatibility, standardized interface, easier to dock and integrate other products.

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